Eco-friendly Luxury Private Tented Camps in Oman and the UAE


For your demanding travelers seeking a unique experience with luxury  accomodation in breathtaking locations, far from the crowds, the « Magic Private Camp»  is a traditional, luxurious mobile tented camp designed with exquisite Arabian style interiors  and set-up exclusively for your clients.

 Choose your exclusive piece of desert, a beautiful white sand beach on the Indian ocean or a mountain retreat and live a unique experience in your own private camp.

Candles and oil lamps will create the perfect romantic « Arabian Nights » gourmet dinner under the star, prepared just for you by the chef with fresh delicious local ingredients.

After gazing at the infinite starry desert skies, your travelers will  get a deserved night rest  in their  plush bed equipped with duvet and pillows. They will also enjoy their own private bathroom and shower.

 Magic Private Camp is eco-friendly, uses solar energy. Showers use reasonable amounts of water, toilets are dry toilets.



  Luxury mobile camp set-up privately for your clients.

  Breathtaking exclusive locations in Oman, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

  Private bathroom for each tent.

  Eco-friendly camp using solar energy, dry toilets and local produce


Magic Private Camp is designed, owned and managed by Magic Arabia, DMC in Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jordan.